How A Tracking System Can Reduce Paperwork and Fuel Consumption

How A Tracking System Can Reduce Paperwork and Fuel Consumption
It’s a common scenario: your field staff arrive at the office and some paperwork is either lost or misplaced throughout the day. In a panic, your staff try to find the missing paperwork, spending minutes and maybe hours on a task that could otherwise be spent on more important things. The panic leads to irritation which slowly starts creeping on you. Distraction takes over.

Tired of lost or missing paperwork? Fortunately, Eworks Tracking is a system designed to help you reduce paperwork and the loss or misplacement thereof. Our sophisticated system also allows you to access online driver reports and other on-hand analytics - which can help you save on fuel costs.

With Eworks Tracking's integration into Eworks Manager's job management system, you can easily reduce your paper-trail and store everything securely online. With the integration you can also easily create quotes, jobs, invoices and so much more - all while monitoring your field staff and company vehicles. It's that easy! Eworks is cloud-based, meaning that everything is stored within the software, ensuring that nothing gets lost or misplaced. Our integration also makes us unique, setting us apart from other tracking devices on the market.

Within our tracking system, you can also find our sophisticated driver reports feature. With this feature, you can assess your drivers' behaviour whilst out on the road. Our system compiles a score out of 100% for your drivers based on speeding, heavy breakage etc. With this score aspect you can hence easily compare your best drivers to your worst!

Our on-hand analytics feature and driver reports allow you to access full, comprehensive reports of your vehicles and drivers. By monitoring these aspects of your company, you can easily save on fuel costs.

Eworks Tracking is the system to use if you want to effectively manage your admin work and monitor your company vehicles and mobile technicians. For more information about our tracking system, please contact us. Or, feel free to try our 14-Day Free Trial and test the software out for yourself.