Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers in Bad Weather

Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers in Bad Weather
Driving safely in terrible weather conditions can be dangerous for even the most experienced driver. In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter season brings frost, heavy rain, snow and cold conditions. While in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather can also reach extremes like hailstorms; strong winds; fog and mist; heat waves; smoke from veld and forest fires.

Fleet drivers need to be prepared for any of these conditions. During winter months, it is very important for fleet managers to talk to drivers about traveling in harsh conditions. Below are some driving tips to help make sure fleet drivers stay safe on the roads, no matter the weather.

1. Mobility and Route management

Make sure that the route you have planned is clear.
Allowing extra travel time during harsh conditions will benefit the driver, so that he is not in a rush to get to the customer and he will have less time pressure on the road.
Be sure to let others know that you are on the road and your expected time of arrival.
It is always a good idea to check the weather updates regularly when you are planning to drive in heavy weather conditions.

2. Always Be Fully Prepared

Check your full tank, make sure it is filled up.
Keep your mobile phone on you for emergencies. Snowy conditions can be unpredictable. In the case that you break down in an area with no reception, it’s a good idea to keep warm high visibility clothing, hot drinks, some food, boots, a torch and shovel in the van.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

Keep a vehicle checklist for your fleet like below:
  • Make sure that all your vehicle’s lights are working properly - especially do this check when the visibility on the road is bad.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained/serviced and check brakes regularly.
  • Check that your vehicle battery is working. Your battery needs to work harder in the winter, constantly powering your wipers and lights.
  • Tires tread depth need to be inflated properly (including the spare)
  • Antifreeze for the cooling system
  • Windscreen wipers and washers are working properly
  • Vehicle windows, mirrors and lights need to be clear from mist, frost and snow.

4. Visibility in Harsh Weather Conditions

This is when your drivers need to be extra vigilant and where having extra travel time can reduce stress on the roads.

Reduced speed when there is poor visibility, particularly when there is strong winds, heavy rain, snow or ice on the roads. This is important for truck drivers and delivery vehicles carrying heavy loads.
Drivers should avoid harsh braking and acceleration.
Keep a larger distance between other vehicles. A wet road surface will cause you to take twice as long to stop.

Headlights and rear fog lights are very important for poor visibility conditions.
Drivers need to be aware of other road users, such as cyclists, motorbikes and pedestrians.

5. Route Planning

In bad conditions, use main roads as often as you can.
Avoid rush hour traffic and allow your drivers enough time to get from A to B.
A GPS Tracking System could benefit your fleet drivers and keep your staff informed on the whereabouts of each vehicle.

How Eworks Tracking can help Fleet Drivers in Bad Weather Conditions

Eworks Tracking provides two types of tracking – Vehicle Tracking and Personal Tracking. We also offer Dashcams and Dashcam Software.
Tracking your fleet vehicles and drivers in bad weather conditions might give you a peace of mind, because you can stay updated with their movements. Drivers can also send emergency alerts directly to the Fleet Manager if anything had to go wrong.
Our Vehicle Tracking solution is a great way for Fleet Managers to ensure safety for Fleet Drivers. We offer Live Location Tracking, Driver Scores, CAN Bus Integration, a Direct Messenger that allows field workers to communicate with the admin staff, and much more.

The Eworks Personal Tracking devices are available for all your lone workers so you can track where they are throughout the working day. The device will be carried on their person whilst they are out on the road or on a job. There is also the option of using the Eworks Mobile App for live tracking, which integrates with the Eworks Manager Job Management Software.

If you are interested in Eworks Tracking and keeping your fleet drivers safe, you can contact us below.