Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management News

23rd November 2020
Vehicle Tracking Software: A Reliable Solution For Tracking And Tracing Your Drivers

Vehicle Tracking Software: A Reliable Solution For Tracking And Tracing Your Drivers

Are You Looking For a Way to Optimize Your Fleet Management? We have the perfect all-in-one Vehicle Tracking Software for you. Businesses in industries that rely heavily on their vehicles and mobile assets may, at some point, find that running their company without an integrated system is not sufficient. If […]
8th May 2020
Combat Vehicle Theft with Geo Fence Software

Combat Vehicle Theft with our Geo-Fence Software Feature

Vehicle theft has become more prevalent in the UK of late, due to everyone being in lockdown. Businesses that may have allowed their field workers to take their vehicles home now have the worry of their vans being stolen and not being able to recover them. Eworks Tracking offers this […]
10th April 2020
Staying on top of fleet operations

Staying on top of your Fleet Operations

Running a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task and it requires great organisational and communication skills. Businesses need to be innovative, and always looking for ways to improve work standards. If you have a business that requires a few vehicles, you need to ensure that the fleet is […]
3rd April 2020

What Companies Are Doing To Survive the Lockdown Period

It’s no secret that the world as we know it has had to change their ways during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses are under a huge amount of stress, with no way of knowing if they are going to survive economic collapse which will follow. There is also […]
12th March 2020
Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers in Bad Weather

Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers in Bad Weather

Driving safely in terrible weather conditions can be dangerous for even the most experienced driver. In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter season brings frost, heavy rain, snow and cold conditions. While in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather can also reach extremes like hailstorms; strong winds; fog and mist; heat waves; […]
26th February 2020
Productivity Obstacles Being Faced By Fleet Managers and Businesses

Productivity Obstacles Fleet Managers and Businesses are Still Facing in 2020

We have started a new decade, and with the new years to come, it is a good time to reflect on the previous years of business and start planning how you can streamline your business for the future. With Eworks Tracking, we want to help optimize and digitise your business […]
9th January 2020
Keep Track of Your Company Devices and Staff With a Personal Tracking System

Keep track of your company devices and staff with a Personal Tracking System

Every service-based company knows how important it is to keep track of technicians and their jobs. By keeping track of your technicians and their movements throughout the week, you can accurately calculate payrolls. As well as this you can also improve productivity in the workplace. With Eworks Tracking’s Personal Tracking […]
2nd December 2019
How Dashcams can reduce your car insurance premiums

How Dashcams can reduce your car insurance premiums

Telematic technologies are changing the way companies run their fleets. With advanced tracking solutions, you can now easily keep track of your field technicians and access driver behaviour reports. As well as this, you can also save on fuel costs and view live footage of your drivers’ journeys. Dashcam technology […]
19th November 2019
Go Green with a Vehicle Tracking system

Go Green with a Vehicle Tracking system

Become environmentally conscious while reducing costs and increasing productivity for your fleet. With an advanced vehicle tracking system, your company can easily go green. A vehicle tracking system is a great investment. Not only does it allow business owners and supervisors to track their technicians out in the field, it […]
11th November 2019

Essential Features To Look Out For When Using Fleet Management Software

Managing a fleet can be a difficult task. By using fleet management software, this task becomes easy. From accurate vehicle tracking to driver behaviour reports, you can monitor the most essential aspects of your fleet in one handy system. Below we mention the most essential features to adopt or look […]