4 challenges fleet managers face that Fleet Management Software can solve

Fleet management can be a logistical nightmare, but as a good fleet manager, you’ll simplify day-to-day operations, using the art of balancing and juggling to manage the responsibilities that come with overseeing vehicles and drivers.

That said, even as an experienced fleet manager, you’ll face challenges that seem impossible to solve without some help. The secret to solving any challenge you may face in this industry is Fleet Management Software. We’ve put together four challenges fleet managers face that Fleet Management Software can solve.

1. Keeping track of vehicles

One of the challenges you may face in your role as a fleet manager is keeping track of all company vehicles. You need access to the accurate live location of every driver so you can plan the day-to-day running of the business. If a new job comes up and you need to find the nearest available vehicle as soon as possible, you’ll need a tool that can let you track down a driver for the job.


You can use Eworks Tracking to locate every fleet vehicle while your drivers are on the road. Our Live Mobile Tracking Solution provides an accurate GPS location at all times so you can track the live location of your drivers on our vehicle tracking map. You can track your vehicles with our tracking devices, or you can trace your drivers’ mobile devices via our Mobile App.

2. Safety and security

Keeping staff and vehicles safe should be your top priority. Without these assets, your business operations will come to a standstill. But it’s challenging to keep an eye on your drivers when they’re out on the road, and you can’t see how fast they’re driving, the weather conditions, if they’ve been in an accident, or when they’re in a dangerous situation.


We offer a range of features that make it easy to keep your drivers and vehicle safe. Our Dashcam Software provides a live video feed so you can see what’s happening in real-time while your vehicles are on the road. If your office-based team sees that a driver needs assistance, they don’t need to wait for the driver to get in touch with them - they can send help sooner rather than later. If your drivers travel alone, they can press the panic button on the dashcam to let you know that they need assistance.

3. Managing fuel costs

As fluctuating fuel prices are out of your control, your challenge is finding innovative ways to reduce fuel consumption. It would help if you had an accurate way to track driver behaviour and mileage to determine your action plan for reducing fuel costs.


With Eworks Tracking's Fleet Management Software, it’s easy to calculate driver behaviour and mileage. Our system can track speeding, heaving braking and other factors that affect fuel consumption and give you a driver score. With this information, you can determine whether your team’s driving style is fuel-efficient or careless. If you suspect that your drivers are using company vehicles after hours, you can playback any journey to see where they’ve been. If they’ve travelled to destinations that aren’t on their job list or taken unusual routes, you’ll know that they’ve been using the vehicle after hours. You can also review past journeys to optimise your route planning and reduce fuel consumption.

4. Safe communication with drivers

Staying in contact with your team can be challenging when they’re behind the wheel. You need a safe, reliable way to communicate with them.


You can use our Mobile App to send important information and updates to your drivers. Better yet, they can also use the App to get in touch with you. The system was designed for two-way communication to make life simple for your team.

These are simply some of the challenges Fleet Management Software can solve. To experience everything Eworks Tracking has to offer, sign up for a 14-day free trial.