Track Your Drivers with a Reliable Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

Do you want to boost the productivity of your fleet?
We have the best all-in-one Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System available.

Businesses in sectors that rely heavily on vehicles and mobile assets may eventually discover that functioning without an integrated system is insufficient.

If you want to grow your field service business while simultaneously improving fleet management, now is a great time to consider how a Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System may help.

Eworks Tracking may be precisely what your business needs to improve management, increase efficiency, production, and driver safety depending on your current and future needs.

What does a Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System do?

Vehicle tracking systems keep track of your company's vehicles in the field and collect critical fleet data.

You can immediately determine your drivers' whereabouts with the Tracking System's live location map, whether they are stationary, on their way to a new task, or taking a break. Our system will let you keep track of time and tell clients about the status of their job. In addition, our Monitoring System will present you with a variety of driver and vehicle reports.

Benefits offered by Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Software:

Cost-effective solution:

Our Vehicle Tracking System provides you with a better knowledge of your fleet's behaviour by collecting accurate, thorough data. With detailed statistics on your whole fleet and individual driver scores, you'll be able to use the data to manage your fuel expenses better.

Our system can also measure the time your cars spend idling and provide more efficient routes, decreasing mileage and fuel expenses. Employees aware that they are being watched tend to reduce their personal use of business vehicles and drive more safely.

Live Tracking:

With our live tracking map, you can follow your users' real-time whereabouts and set an auto-refresh, so you always know where they are, making it easier to schedule reactive jobs.

Efficient management of reactive jobs:

When fleet managers have a system that allows them to see all of their drivers' locations at once, it is simple to locate the nearest staff for urgent or emergency work. Jobs can be scheduled most cost-effectively when you know where your workers are all the time and create reactive jobs depending on their current position.

Everything in one system:

Our Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System also provides driver behaviour reports for all of your drivers, recording data such as mileage, user, and task reports so you can always keep track of jobs and staff and never miss a beat!

You can keep a close eye on your drivers and vehicles with Eworks Tracking. It will also warn you of any inactive devices; for example, the system will notify you if one of your staff unplugs their tracking device. To guarantee that units are not unplugged, installed units are available. Those businesses with a large turnover of vehicles, on the other hand, will be assured that office administrators will be alerted if any devices are tampered with. All of these features and reports have been consolidated into a single, simplified design.

Start your journey today with Eworks Tracking Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial period.