Keep track of your company devices and staff with a Personal Tracking System

Keep Track of Your Company Devices and Staff With a Personal Tracking System
Every service-based company knows how important it is to keep track of technicians and their jobs. By keeping track of your technicians and their movements throughout the week, you can accurately calculate payrolls. As well as this you can also improve productivity in the workplace. With Eworks Tracking’s Personal Tracking System, you can easily do all of this and more.

Below we list our top reasons as to why you should use a Personal Tracking System for your company and staff:


With a Personal Tracking System in place, you can easily ensure transparency in the workplace. More often than not, supervisors assign jobs to technicians without knowing a whole lot about the work process. Eworks Tracking’s Personal Tracking System allows your supervisors to know exactly what is required of the job and how long your technicians spend on each job. As well as this it also allows you to see which jobs are being neglected by your workforce.

Transparency allows your supervisors and technicians to work better together as it allows each party to re-examine various workloads. It also ensures that supervisors provide technicians with the necessary resources needed to complete their jobs.


By accurately calculating each technician’s time spent on a job, you can promote accountability in the workplace. Technicians are more likely to want to perform better and hold themselves accountable for tasks if they know that their time is being tracked by supervisors.

This type of tracking system can also improve a sense of recognition within the workplace. With an automatic time tracking system, you can easily see which technicians are your best performers and reward them in accordance with their performance. By rewarding technicians for great performances, you encourage others to put in the same effort – hence increasing accountability.

Gain driver reports

Because a Personal Tracking System accurately calculates the time your technicians take to get to work as well as the time spent completing a project, you can easily automate and accurately pay salaries and wages. A Personal Tracking System automatically adds up the hours for each technician per job.

Without a tracking system, this calculation is often inaccurate. Manual time sheets and punch-out clocks are not only inefficient and inaccurate, they can also cost you a lot of money and time. With an automated tracking system, you can say goodbye to payrolls that are inexact. As well as, you can wave goodbye to the inefficiency that comes along with outdated, manual systems.

Eworks Tracking’s Personal Tracking System can offer you all of this and more. From tracking staff and monitoring progress live, to accurately calculating payrolls and using time efficiently, you can ensure that your company runs like a well-oiled machine. We also offer free online training and telephone support – ensuring that you get the best out of our software. For more information, get in touch today or try our 14-Day Free Trial and test the software out for yourself.