Turn your Mobile Device into a Live Mobile Tracking Solution

With Eworks Tracking, there's no need to invest in expensive GPS trackers to keep track of your drivers. Our all-in-one Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System can turn any mobile device into a Live Mobile Tracker, removing the need to invest in additional trackers or equipment. Our system includes everything you need to keep an eye on your drivers, with extra features for efficient communication so you can get feedback and real-time updates from your team while they're on the road.

Discover why Eworks Tracking is the only solution you need to trace your drivers in real-time on every journey.

The easiest way to track and save

With our Live Mobile Tracking Solution, your team can ditch the costly tracking devices they're currently using and use their mobile device instead. Our Mobile App is integrated with our admin system, so as long as your technician has their mobile device with them, you can see where they are at any time. Make sure every worker is at the right place at the right time for less.

The safest way to stay on track

It's not just about keeping an eye on your workers - it's about keeping them safe on the job, too. If worker safety is your top priority, Live Mobile Tracking is the solution you need. With the ability to track your team's live location on our live tracking map, you'll have peace of mind, no matter where they are on the road. If your team is transporting valuable goods, they may be an easy target for hijackers. Choose Eworks Tracking to keep an eye on their location so you can send help when they're in trouble.

Simple communication wherever you are

The Eworks Tracking system was designed for two-way communication with your staff. You can send messages to the app on their mobile device from the admin system in the office, and they can send messages to you too - no need for phone calls or messages outside of Eworks Trackings. With one device for tracking and communication, it's a whole lot easier to get the job done.

Real-time updates

With traditional Vehicle Tracking Software, you can see when your driver is travelling to their destination. But can they provide real-time job updates en route? When integrated with Eworks Manager's Job Management Software, you can send job sheets to their mobile device, and they can share live updates related to the task via the app.

For a Live Mobile Tracking Solution that can do all this and more, choose Eworks Tracking. Give our software a try with our 14-day free trial.