Fleet Management Software: An Easy Access Solution For Your Fleet Business

Is the fear of compliance keeping you awake at night? Is chasing paperwork taking up the majority of your time and preventing you from being active in your Fleet Business?

Fleet Management Software will help you streamline your entire business from start to finish by eliminating complexities and making the job straightforward for you.

If you are an accomplished fleet manager or a beginner, fleet management software is flexible and simple to use for anyone. To keep the vehicles going, essential operations could be automated, exceptions could be handled immediately, and communications and collaborations with your team can be conducted on a single shared system platform.

If you run a company that is heavily dependent on the use of your vehicles, then you should introduce fleet management software. When you have the right fleet management tool at your disposal, you will reduce operational costs while enhancing the efficiency of your fleet operations.

The fleet management process refers to the compilation of fleet operations data by fleet managers, such as vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, and keeping an eye on service maintenance checks and roadworthiness of your company’s vehicles.

This data is collected and stored by the fleet management solutions in a centralized system that is easily accessible to your team. With the help of fleet telematics such as GPS, vehicle sensors, and computer diagnostics, effective data collection is now possible. In fact, using Fleet Management Solutions result in a massive reduction of nearly 68 % in fuel costs. Not only that, but there are additional benefits that this software can offer for the fleet company such as enhanced vehicle and driver safety standards, increased vehicle uptime, maximized efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

Advantages of Using Fleet Management Software:

  • Proactive maintenance schedules assist in the reduction of vehicle downtime.
  • Vehicle maintenance costs are minimised.
  • Reduced fuel bills by lowering costs.
  • Your vehicles' and drivers' safety can be improved.
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring are basic tasks.
  • Excessive idling, inefficient route planning, and harsh acceleration may all be tracked, reducing fuel consumption.
  • The entire inventory of automobiles, buses, vans, and trucks could be recorded.
  • Reports can be created by analysing the data to determine costs.
  • Monitoring the vehicle engine with provided detailed information about it.
  • Schedule maintenance, roadworthiness checks, and services for your vehicles.
  • The tracking of speeding tickets and injuries assists in the correction of driver misconduct.
  • Alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and reckless driving can be set in order to increase health and safety standards.
  • With the help of this software, your team can easily check the availability of each driver.

Eworks Manager’s Fleet Management Software Features:

  • Route Planning & Optimization.
  • GPS tracking and Telematics.
  • Service and Maintenance Alerts.
  • Fuel Management.
  • Tracking of driver behavior and spending cost.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Fleet Management Solutions:

  • Can Vehicles, drivers, and fleet assets be monitored by it?
  • Do you need to purchase any additional hardware?
  • Make sure that the vendor is reliable, experienced in fleet Management.
  • What kind of training and support is provided by the company?
  • Is a free demo or trial available before purchasing?
  • Is it flexible and easy to use?
  • Is it according to the needs of your company?

Eworks Tracking's Fleet Management Software functions as the brain of fleet operations, allowing fleet managers to monitor and keep their eyes on the job with ease. It will help you achieve the optimal workflow and, as a result, help your business be more productive and cost-effective.