Boost the Productivity of your Business with Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking Solutions are one of the best tools in the market that can help you save money, improve fleet safety, customer experience and boost the productivity of your business. Due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, almost all business owners are looking for strategic cost-saving plans, and a Vehicle Tracking System can help you with that.

Several great Vehicle Tracking Systems, like Eworks Tracking, are available in the market that can take your business to the next level.

Efficient Fleet Tracking

Currently, 64% of companies are using Vehicle Tracking Systems, an increase of 8.5% from the previous year. The system provides you with a live map with the help of which you can easily track your fleet. You can stay updated all the time via alerts generated by Eworks Tracking. The ability to track your fleet helps you ensure that all of your employees are following the company rules and the road safety protocols.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Our Vehicle Tracking Solution helps you save both money and time by providing efficient routes to your drivers. The software allows your employees to reach their job sites on time and with less fuel consumption by helping them find the most economical routes. 36% of companies with fleets observed a decrease in fuel costs after implementing a Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System. In 2020, businesses that used fleet tracking technology reported an average drop of 8% in fuel costs.

Ensure the Safety of your Drivers

With Eworks Tracking in place, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your drivers. You can easily check whether your company’s vehicles are in a safe place or not by viewing their live location. Business owners who incorporated a Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System into their businesses reported a 22.2% decrease in crash reports. If your driver is stuck somewhere and requires help, he can easily send an alert to the admin staff to assist him.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Vehicle Tracking Solutions help you to improve customer satisfaction by allowing you to deliver exceptional services to them. In 2020, company owners who used a Vehicle Tracking System observed a 54% improvement in customer service. Your employees can inform admin staff about the status of their jobs via real-time updates. These real-time updates help your admin staff to make decisions quickly and easily.

According to a report, 89% of business owners chose a Vehicle Tracking System because of its adaptability and ease of use. Eworks Tracking provides a central platform from where you can easily track and monitor your fleet. Such efficient tracking and management results in a greater number of satisfied customers, resulting in greater revenue for your business.

Start your journey with Eworks Tracking Vehicle Tracking Software today by trying out our 14-day free trial period.