Manage your fleet effortlessly with Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software helps companies track vehicle and driver data while staying compliant with government regulations. We offer both in-vehicle devices and mobile tracking to ensure you always know where your vehicles are. Business owners use Fleet Management Software to optimize routes, save fuel and maintenance, and ensure drivers obey the rules.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Businesses can use Fleet Management Software to monitor, track, and generate detailed performance reports for their vehicle fleets. Our Fleet Management System is utilized to optimize driving routes, track vehicle inventory, provide cost management and analysis, and monitor driver performance. Mobile components are included in fleet management software to facilitate on-the-go updates and notifications about changes, allowing managers and fleet staff to collaborate for optimal efficiency in delivery operations.

You have a fleet if your company relies on commercial vehicles to conduct business, whether it's 20 or 200 vans. Fleet management is the process of ensuring that your fleet is operating at optimal productivity and efficiency while minimizing expense and risk.

Organizations have been refining fleet management since Henry Ford rolled the first vehicle off the assembly line nearly a century ago. It's not simple, but it's doable. The best fleet managers can keep operational costs and efficiency under control, as well as vehicle maintenance and usage, driver safety and compliance, route planning, fuel consumption, and much more.

Fleet management technology is used to assist fleet managers in saving time, money, and human resources while gaining insights that complex machine calculations can only obtain.

Fleet Management shouldn't be complicated

Shift from reactive to proactive with Eworks Tracking. Never doubt what has been done or what is required. Keep track of every detail regarding your fleet while improving communication between fleet managers, owners, vendors, drivers, technicians, administrators, and others.

How can fleet management software help you?

Comprehensive Fleet Management Software can give you a complete view of how your fleet is performing. Fleet managers can use our Fleet Management Software to instantly find their vehicles, monitor traffic conditions, cut fuel costs by monitoring idle time and help prevent accidents through improved driver performance, saving thousands across their whole fleet.

Fleet management simplified

Eworks Tracking's Fleet Management Software takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information that businesses can act on. Most Eworks Tracking customers, for example, want to know how their driving habits affect fuel consumption, time spent driving, and vehicle make and model.

What is the Purpose of Fleet Management?

Any company that uses vehicles in its operations should have some form of professional fleet management. This ensures commercial vehicle control while also lowering associated risk, increasing efficiency and production, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

With a multitude of issues - vehicle acquisition, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, health and safety, and compliance – fleet management must rely on an effective fleet management system to deliver on its goals while minimizing complexity associated with typical challenges.

Driver Safety and Productivity

Driver safety should be a top focus in fleet management. To ensure driver, vehicle, and cargo safety, it is critical to organize regular safety training programmes and regulatory updates. Preventing accidents also helps to reduce the cost of repairs or downtime. Fleet Management Software aids in the monitoring of speed and driving patterns. Using GPS or voice-to-call technology allows drivers to work more efficiently.

Cost Efficiency

Costs naturally increase every year, so managing a fleet is becoming more expensive. While new tools or resources may account for some of these costs, unpredictable factors like an increase in fuel prices may significantly affect the financial aspect of the business. The more vehicles that are in the fleet, the higher the expenses. Other expenses such as insurance, tires, labour expenses, training staff, etc., grow exponentially with fleet size.

Fuel Costs Instability

Prices for fuel are usually volatile and are difficult to forecast. Fuel constitutes almost 35% of costs for companies with large fleets. Many companies constantly struggle between predicting the price of fuel as well as how to reduce fuel costs. The best solution will be to reduce fuel consumption.

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