Partnership of Eworks & SmartWitness Promises Video Telematics Functionality

Partnership of Eworks And SmartWitness Promises Video Telematics Functionality
The partnership between Eworks and SmartWitness has now provided video telematics functionality to all clients, across the globe. With the recent launch of Smart Witness solutions, Eworks clients can now access single dashcams, live multi-channel systems and so much more. Eworks consists of a comprehensive job management software. This software is most suitable for those in the technical industry, such as construction, IT, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. Because this industry involves immense travelling, many clients are now eager to add live video telematics to their workforce. Fortunately, with the partnership of Eworks and SmartWitness, this is now possible. Clients can now easily and effectively add video telematics to their vehicles with little or no vehicle downtime.
Our clients need to protect themselves against the “blame game” of road incidents. If a firm cannot provide video evidence of what happened in a road incident they are laying themselves open to potentially expensive and time-consuming legal disputes.

David Taylor, Eworks Global Business Director

To that, Dave added: "The reason we have chosen SmartWitness for this partnership is that the support they can give to help us grow in the video telematics space and because they have the best products on the market."

“This is a partnership between ourselves and SmartWitness and it means we have little or no capital expense upfront but we can pass on economies of scale to our clients, so everybody’s happy."

The SmartWitness product range suits all the requirements of our clients, from blue-chip construction firms needing connected multi-camera systems for their fleet to a one-man-band needing just a dashcam for his van.

Also SmartWitness has offices in the USA and UK which are our main two territories so we have video experts on the ground and can help us offer bespoke solutions to all our clients.

The API Platform and its contribution

SmartWitness's API platform is a huge contributor to the partnership. This revolutionary ap-plication allows telematic suppliers to add video functionality. This process is secure, easy-to-do and cost effective. It also integrates with traditional telematics systems via the cloud. Hence, service providers can easily add SmartWitness's video hardware to their current appli-cations and systems.
Video is an essential part of fleet telematics and modern fleet management but a lot of traditional tracking companies don’t want the huge expense or time involved in overhauling and updating their systems. SmartAPI is the simple answer that provides an inexpensive, quick and easy way to offer vid-eo functionality to their clients.

Paul Sarris, SmartWitness Director of Strategic Partnerships

He also added: “The potential for up-selling video services to clients is huge and extremely profitable and it also opens up other solutions as well with additional features such as driver ID, alarm triggers, driver distraction, and ADAS.”