Make fleet management easier with Dashcam Software

There are several challenges fleet managers encounter daily. Keeping drivers safe, reducing vehicle downtime, monitoring driving style, speed and vehicle location, and planning routes for jobs. You can simplify these challenging fleet management tasks with dashcams.


More and more businesses are investing in a Dashcam System to ease the pressure of fleet management, and you may be wondering how your business can benefit from this technology. Keep reading to learn more about Dashcam Software and how Eworks Tracking can make fleet management effortless.

What is Dashcam Software?

With a dashcam in a vehicle, Dashcam Software can provide live video footage and collect information about the vehicle’s location, speed, braking and other factors of driving style. The information collected is made available on our system for route planning, tracking and dispatching vehicles.

How can Dashcam Software make fleet management easier?

There are many features available for Dashcam Systems that can make fleet management more manageable. Take a look at the top features and benefits of using dashcams to manage your fleet of vehicles.

Keep your drivers safe

It’s possible to keep track of your drivers, fleet vehicles and any incident on the road with a Dashcam System. Our system gives you access to live video footage to see where your drivers are and what’s happening on the road at any time. If one of your drivers is involved in an accident, you can trace them using the real-time location from our system and send help. You can also use the video footage for insurance purposes to protect your driver against false claims or allegations if they’ve been involved in an accident. Each dashcam comes equipped with a panic button for emergencies.

Keep track of your fleet vehicles

As your fleet vehicles are a valuable business asset, protecting them is just as important as keeping your drivers safe. With a built-in GPS receiver, dashcams can be used to keep track of where your fleet vehicles are. You can also use this feature to optimise route planning and schedule ad hoc jobs, as you can locate the nearest available vehicle for a new job. You can also turn off vehicle tracking after hours to ensure accurate tracking information if your drivers use their vehicles.

Driver behaviour scores

As vehicle and driver safety is your priority, you must monitor driver behaviour as reckless driving could cost your business time and money. Dashcam Systems are the easiest way to keep an eye on your drivers. Our system provides you with driver scores to give you an accurate idea of your drivers’ behaviour on the road. With these reports, you can determine whether your drivers are doing anything illegal or dangerous when driving. You can also use this information to train drivers to improve their driving habits. Videos recorded by fleet vehicle cameras can also accurately account for any incidents if a driver denies that they’re at fault.

Our software is fully integrated with our Job Management Software

Our Dashcam System is fully integrated with our Job Management Software, which means you can monitor and manage your fleet vehicles and drivers using one platform. With our Job Management System, you can create and schedule jobs, track job progress, manage quotes and invoices, and track technicians with Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking.

Choose Eworks Tracking and make fleet management easier with our Dashcam Software. To see how our system works and how it can benefit your business, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.