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Fleet Tracking Software: The Best Tool for Tracking Your Fleet in 2021

Tracking fleets is a difficult job that takes a lot of time and effort to control the vehicles and driving behavior of professional drivers. However, the use of Fleet Tracking Software could simplify this difficult task.

Vehicles can be easily tracked and monitored with this software's help, which will assist in streamlining your entire business. Your fleet can be monitored from anywhere and at any time, relieving you of concerns about what could go wrong.

What is Fleet Tracking Software?

Using Fleet Tracking Software, company vehicles can be monitored in real-time. This feature allows you to see what your drivers are up to and where the vehicles are going.
Eworks Tracking's software makes use of GPS devices to keep track of the fleet. Driver data such as driving activity, routes, and time spent on and off-site can be monitored and tracked during their journeys.

How is Fleet Management Software superior to outdated processes?

Fleet tracking software is a true game-changer for a Fleet Business; it provides full insight into operations and can reduce costs by optimizing performance. When activities are monitored in real-time and managers work with their staff, issues can be resolved quickly.

With technological advances, the strategies of effectively processing data and connecting your team continue to improve. Spreadsheets and whiteboards are no longer used since they are inefficient and do not provide maximum insight into fleet operations.

In order to stay productive, informed, and competitive, we have to use the latest technologies. Every aspect of the fleet could be tracked, and informed decisions could be made on a real-time data basis.

This software may intimidate some, but configurable dashboards and the mobile app make it intuitive. Measuring efficiency and making adjustments by having a complete view of your fleet's data is so simple with this software's help.

Real-time collaboration has become the need of the growing industries, and to meet this need a fleet tracking solution would prove to be the most beneficial.

The Key Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software and See How It Could Improve Your Fleet's Efficiency:

1. Keep your eyes on the Vehicles through the tracking system:

Eworks Tracking allows you to keep your eyes on the vehicles while they are out in the field by tracking and monitoring the vehicles with a number of tracking devices. The device that would serve your company the best depends on the output required by you, but you can try the plug' n play devices and installed devices.

2. Enhanced visibility:

View your assets in real-time while your fleet is out on the move. GPS Fleet Tracking Software serves as a single platform for providing a detailed depiction of asset health and expenses. Real-time monitoring of fleet performance can make your fleet business successful by making informed management decisions in time.

3. View the activity and status of vehicles at a glance:

A powerful tracking solution that provides details on-demand with a high-resolution map. This software can help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, provide accurate ETAs, give you a history of vehicle maintenance, and keep tabs on your mobile workforce and equipment.

4. Know where your vehicles are and what they are up to:

Use Eworks Dashcam software to get that peace of mind by knowing where your vehicles are and what they are up to as it provides live video footage. Managers could playback the high-quality live video footage as the Dashcam has a built-in GPS receiver and self-checking notifications. You can keep an eye on your vehicle's journey and use the footage as evidence for insurance (if there is an accident involving one of your company vehicles), providing the location and time of the incident.

Start your journey today with Eworks Tracking's Fleet tracking software by using the opportunity of the 14-day free trial period.