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Create an Effective Fleet Safety Program with a Live Dashcam

Are you looking for an effective way to monitor drivers and analyze vehicle activity?

Eworks Tracking's Dashcam can be used to detect safety-related events like harsh-braking, speeding, and accidents by connecting to the telematics devices.

What Benefits can you Get From a Dashcam?

  • Fleet managers can immediately review incidents
  • You can monitor driver safety scores to encourage better driving habits.
  • You can get real-time alerts in the case of an emergency.
  • You can view the video footage of multiple vehicles from the Eworks Tracking System.
  • Live footage available for insurance purposes.

    Driver Emergencies

    A live dashcam allows you to get rid of the manual method of reviewing video footage, which wastes time and is also inefficient. We have a panic button on our dashcams that your drivers can press while on the road if they would like to send over footage straight away for any incidents.

    With the help of the dashcam, you can see whether your employee was responsible for the incident or not. The video footage is automatically uploaded to an online dashboard so that you can review the incident immediately.

    Create Healthy Competition Between Your Employees

    Calculate your drivers' behavior scores and allow your fleet drivers to check out their scores and rankings to create a healthy competition amongst themselves. You could even give incentives and rewards to the top driver performances, encouraging them to drive more carefully.

    Take Advantage of the System

    The admin staff can use the Eworks Tracking System to view the video footage of an incident and share the footage with the drivers. Drivers can easily communicate with the admin staff using the Mobile App.

    Our dashcam software sends SMS or email alerts for safety-related incidents so that you can know about an accident as soon as it happens.

    What makes the live dashcam offered by Eworks Tracking stand out from the rest?
    Take a look at the features provided by Eworks Tracking given below:

    1. You can easily assign a job to an employee who is nearest to the job.
    2. You can track your drivers and ensure that they drive safely with the driver behavior scoring.
    3. You can track safety-related events and figure out the cause of the incident.
    4. You can view the video footage of all your vehicles.
    5. You can track your vehicles' location and collect data regarding the journey of your vehicles.
    6. Both 3G and SD cameras are available.
    7. With the help of the built-in GPS receiver and self-checking notifications, you can quickly receive and view your vehicles' high-quality live video footage, and you can easily download the footage to your PC and share it.
    8. The driver can immediately send video footage of an incident to the admin staff with the panic button.
    9. You can track and monitor your employees by having access to data like vehicle location, driving styles, speed, etc.
    10. You don't have to worry about installing your dashcams as Eworks Tracking has its own installation company that helps you install your dashcams.

    So, what are you waiting for? Try the 14-Day Free Trial offered by Eworks Tracking and check out its live dashcam for yourself.