How Vehicle Tracking Can Save Your Business Money

Save Your Business Money With Vehicle Tracking
One of the main advertised benefits of vehicle tracking is that it allows you to save your business money. Unfortunately however many companies don’t yet understand exactly how this works.

Whereas traditional GPS systems give directions, monitor basic driving statistics and find locations, advanced GPS systems for Job Management utilise the system to offer a wide variety of useful information to business owners and fleet managers. With this information business owners and managers can also easily track positions and plan the daily running of their business more efficiently.

Features that all Vehicle Tracking Systems should include:

  • Track and Trace – This includes real-time vehicle tracking to gain control over your work-force and optimise customer service
  • Driving Economy – Every trip gets a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more economically friendly your staff's driving is!
  • Optimise Your Fleet and Reduce Costs – Monitor your fleet from anywhere, at anytime. With trip administration, routes, live locations and driving behaviours per vehicle, you will always be in the loop.
  • Control Private Mileage – This helps save money because you as the business owner won’t be paying for additional fuel.
  • Quick plug and play setup – This makes the setup for vehicle tracking easier
  • Planning – With live vehicle tracking, drivers and field workers are easily located. New jobs can hence be assigned to their closest locations, which helps save costs in the long run.

  • If utilised properly, these tools can easily maximise productivity and performance. Vehicle Tracking System are taking Job Management to the next level by saving your business money and time, while also reducing stress levels.

    Here are 8 Ways to Save Money with Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

  • 1. Save on fuel costs by planning daily trips. You can also plan whilst out in the field by allocat-ing jobs to the closest team member.
  • 2. Reduce Insurance premiums
  • 3. No more log books, which helps for tax purposes
  • 4. Reduce fleet maintenance costs by monitoring vehicle issues
  • 5. Faster dispatch to jobs
  • 6. Reduce employee “time stealing” and theft
  • 7. Increase route efficiency
  • 8. Increase invoicing and timesheet accuracy

  • The saying that “time is money” holds true, especially for technical businesses. Installing a GPS tracker into your company vehicle can save your business money, as well as improve the safety of your employees. Increase employee accountability, improve productivity and decrease unnecessary downtime with a quality Vehicle Tracking System.