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Combat Vehicle Theft with our Geo-Fence Software Feature

Vehicle theft has become more prevalent in the UK of late, due to everyone being in lockdown.
Businesses that may have allowed their field workers to take their vehicles home now have the worry of their vans being stolen and not being able to recover them. Eworks Tracking offers this feature to not only track the whereabouts of their mobile workers, but it informs the fleet manager or driver on the status of their vehicles. We understand that it can be difficult to ensure the safety of your vehicles when there is not always the option to park it inside. For many, there is only on-street parking available.

What if we told you that there was a way to make sure that your vehicles stay exactly where they are over night?

Vehicle trackers may not always help in this situation, that is why we have a fantastic Geo Fence feature that notifies you when a vehicle is started or moved from a certain location. The Geo Fence feature is included in the Eworks Tracking System which helps prevent vehicle theft and can assist in tracking the movement of the vehicles. You can assign your workers to their vans, select their parked locations, and create a Geo Fence. You can then set a radius around the vehicle that will send an alert when the vehicle is either opened, started, switched off, or the vehicle has moved out of that pinpoint location. You can also choose the hours that you would like the Geo Fence to be activated.

The alert will be sent immediately to the Fleet Manager or driver, and they can know if there is any suspicious activity out of business hours. Keep track of your vehicles 24/7 with Eworks Tracking! We offer a 14-day FREE TRIAL, so you can try it for yourself today!