Essential Features To Look Out For When Using Fleet Management Software

Managing a fleet can be a difficult task. By using fleet management software, this task becomes easy. From accurate vehicle tracking to driver behaviour reports, you can monitor the most essential aspects of your fleet in one handy system. Below we mention the most essential features to adopt or look out for when using fleet management software:

Driver Behaviour Reports

Driver behaviour reports are commonly measured by acceleration, heavy breaking and speeding, as well as a list of other things. Once an analysis is compiled by the software, these statistics are then shared to relevant drivers, supervisors and owners. Driver behaviour reports are not only advantageous for performance aspects but can furthermore help you save fuel costs through more economic driving. If your fleet management software provider offers driver behaviour reports, you can know for sure that they’re one of the best out there.

Route Planning

With advanced fleet management software, you can easily optimize your routes. A route planner feature allows you to see the best routes available for present and future events. This can help you increase driver productivity whilst minimizing fuel consumption and time wastage. Furthermore, customers will be satisfied by the efficiency of your workforce.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

A GPS tracking device is an essential tool for vehicle tracking and fleet management. Once you install the device within the company vehicle, you can then access real-time location updates of your and vehicle locations. Through a telematics solution, information is constantly updated, ready for you to access with a few clicks of a button. You can discover the starting point of your vehicle’s journey, where your drivers stops and how long they stop for. With a vehicle tracking device in place, you can also impress your customers by letting them know the exact arrival time of your fleet.

Real Time Notifications

Having real-time alerts can be extremely helpful for any fleet-based business. These notifications can help you and your team respond quickly to challenging and reactive situations. Any good fleet management software should allow you to set alarms according to you and your fleet’s needs. By remaining up-to-date with important aspects of your fleet, you can also ensure efficiency and productivity.

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