Go Green with a Vehicle Tracking system

Go Green with a Vehicle Tracking system
Become environmentally conscious while reducing costs and increasing productivity for your fleet. With an advanced vehicle tracking system, your company can easily go green. A vehicle tracking system is a great investment. Not only does it allow business owners and supervisors to track their technicians out in the field, it also allows you to become more fuel efficient – saving you money while saving the environment.

Below we list the top three benefits that Eworks Tracking’s vehicle tracking system has to offer and how these benefits contribute towards the environment.

Reduce fuel cost

With Eworks Tracking’s software, you can easily reduce the amount of fuel that you and your fleet spend on a daily basis. With our GPS tracker, you can optimize the routes that you and your technician’s travel. In optimizing your journeys, you reduce the amount of fuel you spend by avoiding unnecessary routes.

Our software takes several factors into account when optimizing your routes. These factors include past journeys, how long your technicians spend on the road, driver locations, and oth-er on hand analytics. Keep your fleet well maintained while reducing your carbon footprint through our GPS tracking feature.

Go Completely Paperless

Fleet management can be a complicated task and may involve a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, because Eworks Tracking’s software is cloud-based, this means that’s all paperwork is done online – saving you and your business from unnecessary paper costs.

By reducing your paper consumption to almost nothing, your company can help save the environment. Our tracking system is also integrated into Eworks Manager’s job management software – helping you manage all admin tasks online. From quoting, invoicing, job management and so much more, Eworks Manager has it all. Click here to see more of Eworks Manager’s benefits.

Gain driver reports

With Eworks Tracking’s driver reports feature, you can easily manage and track needless idling on the road by your drivers. Unnecessary idling results in unnecessary fuel emission and expenditure. By monitoring your drivers and their behaviour whilst out on the road, you can easily avoid this. By accounting for speeding, heavy breakage and acceleration, our driver reports can let you know exactly what your drivers are doing on the road.

Why not go green with Eworks Tracking? We include all of these features in our software and much more. Feel free to try our software's 14-Day Free Trial and see for yourself what our vehicle tracking software can do for your business.