How Dashcams can reduce your car insurance premiums

How Dashcams can reduce your car insurance premiums
Telematic technologies are changing the way companies run their fleets. With advanced tracking solutions, you can now easily keep track of your field technicians and access driver behaviour reports. As well as this, you can also save on fuel costs and view live footage of your drivers’ journeys.

Dashcam technology is a great tool to use for fleet-orientated companies. With its ever-increasing popularity, dashcam software allows your drivers to prove their innocence on the road. In the case of an incident, live footage can be a saving grace. Because dashcams record all activity on the road, you can easily source the conditions under which the incident happened and whose fault it was. This is great for insurance purposes and proof of innocence. Some insurance companies now also offer discounts on car insurance premiums if you install dashcams within vehicles - saving you money.

Eworks Tracking's Dashcam Software Solution

With Eworks Tracking’s 3G camera, you can see exactly where you fleet is and what they are doing. All footage of the journey is time stamped, making it easy to source the relevant footage when needed (such as in the case of an accident). The footage can also be downloaded directly to your desktop and shared to relevant parties. Our dashcam software solution also provides a panic button. This is ideal if an incident occurs on the road. By activating the panic button, footage will automatically be sent over to other members of staff.

By installing dashcams into your vehicles, you also promote safer driving. Because dashcams make drivers fully accountable by tracing their movements and driving behaviours, they are less likely to be risky on the road. With Eworks Tracking, you can access a number of reports on your drivers. This includes vehicle location data, driving styles, speed, breaking etc. The pressure of additional reports may encourage your drivers more responsible on the road.

Dashcam software is a major investment, not only for insurance purposes but also for tracking and safety. Why not get all this and more with Eworks Tracking? We can take care of the installation process with our very own installation company and give you free training and support. If you would like to find out more information and have a free personalised demo of the software, get in touch today!