Productivity Obstacles Fleet Managers and Businesses are Still Facing in 2020

Productivity Obstacles Being Faced By Fleet Managers and Businesses
We have started a new decade, and with the new years to come, it is a good time to reflect on the previous years of business and start planning how you can streamline your business for the future. With Eworks Tracking, we want to help optimize and digitise your business so that you can run your business as efficiently as possible and reap the rewards.

In 2020, businesses still face problematic issues regarding their vehicles and fleet management. It may be a new decade, but it may surprise you how many businesses are still burdened by paperwork.

A list of the top 4 most common productivity issues that businesses face in fleet management:

1. Time Spent on Admin and Fleet Management Becomes Excessive

Handling all the business’s admin manually on paper can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. A Fleet Administrator needs to coordinate the company vehicles, keep track of drivers, dispatching of vehicles for jobs, ensuring customers are reached on time and materials are collected on time from suppliers. If your company is still running the business on paper, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage!

An automated workflow will allow you to easily plan more efficient routes to jobs, schedules will be a lot easier to follow. Your team will also be able to adapt to any schedule changes so that more jobs can be done. A Fleet Management System will help you achieve all of this far quicker than having a manual process. Eworks lets you to have a digitised workflow, where admin tasks will require less of your time, and you can increase productivity and save money with the integrated Eworks Tracking system.

2. Communicating Important Messages with Fleet Drivers

It can be difficult to keep a good communication with all your field workers during working hours. Back and forth phone calls can be very time consuming, especially when you need to get a message to your entire team.

The Eworks Tracking App has an integrated messenger on the system, this way the admin staff can easily communicate with the field staff throughout the day. The Tracking App also conveniently shows the live location of staff in the field, so it’s easy to find a technician who is closest to the next job.

3. Service Delivery to Customers within the Estimated Time

Inaccurately expected times of arrival for jobs can have a negative effect on the business’s reputation. Customers should no longer get rough estimations of service delivery and wait for days to be assisted. By adopting a digitised Fleet Management System (like Eworks Tracking), you will be able to stick to a schedule and give customers an exact time window that your team will be able to assist that customer.

A digitised system would also help your fleet’s reaction time to jobs that may be an emergency or very urgent. For example, a plumber might get an alert for a burst pipe in a building, and he will need to push back his other jobs for the day so that he can assist with the urgent job first. The technician can contact the admin staff to keep waiting customers updated.

The Job Planner feature in the Eworks Manager Job Management System is designed to schedule all the jobs of the day and assign the jobs to technicians. This software is also available for mobile users, so that technicians can respond to jobs while they are out of the office. If you would like to learn more about our Job Management Software, click here.

4. The High Cost of Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance

Unfortunately, the price of fuel is an unavoidable expense for any business with a fleet of vehicles. It is expensive, especially when your company is heavily reliant on it's vehicles and equipment. Most companies manage their fuel costs by using petrol cards and paying the fuel account monthly, but what if you could promote less fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary driving time for your fleet?

The Eworks Tracking system not only allows you to track your fleet’s drivers and technicians on a GPS, but it also gives you a range of Driver Reports. This includes a popular Driver Behaviour Report feature that shows if the driver was speeding or braking hard. Driver reports offer a detailed record of your fleet’s driving whilst on the road which helps you monitor drivers.

For more information, get in touch today or try our 14-Day Free Trial and test the software out for yourself.