How a Complete Telematics Solution Can Improve Road Safety

With a full vehicle tracking solution in place, not only can you improve your fleet’s safety but also your company’s reliability and validity. It is a well-known fact that driving can be a dangerous activity. When using vehicles for business, company owners hence need to consider many factors. Some of these factors include driver behaviour, safety, vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance etc.

Because there are so many factors to consider, fleet management can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Fortunately, Eworks Tracking takes this task and makes it easy for you. Our complete telematics solution helps you keep track of your fleet. As well as this, it can also populate reports for safety and insurance purposes.

The top features of our telematics software solution and what they can do for you and your fleet:

  • Live Tracking: This feature lets you track your fleet live on a map – anywhere, at any time. Using your fleet’s mobile device locations, our map offers a full-birds eye view of your fleet’s journeys. Included in this is our playback feature, which allows you to view and track past journeys taken by your drivers.
  • Driver reports: Eworks Tracking offers a wide range of reports and this includes our ever-popular driver behaviour reports. Using factors, such as speeding, cornering and braking, our driver behaviour reports offer a detailed record of your fleet’s driving whilst on the road.
  • Dashcams: Over the years, dashcams have become increasingly popular in the world of fleets. Not only do they allow you to view footage of your drivers’ journeys, but they are also very useful for insurance purposes and ease of mind. Our primary dashcams on offer are the SmartWitness CP2, Nextbase 300W and Nextbase 380 GW.
  • Job Management System Integration: Eworks Tracking is one of the few telematics software solutions that offer integration into a job management system. When using our telematics solution, you can easily sync to Eworks Manager. Eworks Manager is a comprehensive, complete job management system perfect for workforce scheduling, setting up alerts and general job management. Have a look at Eworks Manager’s website for more information.
  • Taking care of your fleet and company vehicles is an imperative part of any business that deals with travelling from one site to another. Why not take care of these factors with Eworks Tracking – a user-friendly telematics software solution for all your vehicle and tracking needs.

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