The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking for Trades and Service Industries

GPS vehicle tracking is very useful for keeping track of vehicles and fleets for trades and service industries. Company vans may have different drivers and staff moving from site to site, which means that all the vehicles and any equipment or machinery that is allocated to those vans need to be kept safe can all benefit from a vehicle monitoring system.

For any type of service business, vehicle tracking and Geofence locations can help simplify operations and protect your assets.

Many people assume vehicle tracking is only for large fleets of freight trucks, but vehicle monitoring can be used to keep tabs on vehicles that operate between the office and job sites. Consider how the following features from our vehicle monitoring system could impact a trade or service business:

Protect Your Assets

Heavy equipment and machinery are investments and usually very valuable and crucial to the business. With Eworks Tracking’s Geofence software, you can set up geofences around your vehicles on various sites, which will trigger an alert whenever a vehicle leaves a designated area.

This is particularly beneficial to the service businesses who rely on keeping most of their equipment in their vehicles, thus protecting the van and all the tools and materials inside. GPS vehicle tracking and Geofence software give site managers peace of mind that all equipment and vehicles are stationary overnight.

Vehicle Tracking System

Eworks Tracking is a fantastic vehicle tracking system that can help monitor employee driving habits and track your users' live locations with our tracking map. This way you know where your drivers are at all times, and you can plan reactive work more efficiently without having to be on-site.

Find the closest mobile worker on our tracking map! It’s the easiest and quickest way to assign jobs based on their location and availability.

Eworks Tracking also gives you a full history on all your drivers on their previous trips, mileage used and driving scores, as well as a number of other reports so that you have everything captured within one system.

Mobile App

Eworks Tracking’s Mobile App that is fully integrated with the admin system so that you can communicate with your mobile workers while they’re on the road and using our mobile tracking.

To find out more about Eworks Tracking's vehicle monitoring system and how it can benefit your trade or service business, contact us today! You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial of our software.