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Vehicle Tracking Software: A Reliable Solution For Tracking And Tracing Your Drivers

Are You Looking For a Way to Optimize Your Fleet Management?
We have the perfect all-in-one Vehicle Tracking Software for you.

Businesses in industries that rely heavily on their vehicles and mobile assets may, at some point, find that running their company without an integrated system is not sufficient. If you're looking to grow your field service business and improve your fleet management, now is a good time to consider how vehicle tracking software may be able to help.
Depending on your current and future needs, vehicle tracking solutions that work to optimize management, improve efficiency, productivity, and driver safety may be exactly what your business needs.

What does Eworks Tracking's Vehicle Tracking System do?

Our Vehicle Tracking System keeps track of your business's vehicles and collects fleet data while they're out on the field.
Whether your drivers are stationary, on the move to a new job, or taking a break, you can easily detect their location with our live location map within the Eworks Tracking System. The system will help you monitor time management and inform customers about the progress of jobs. You will also be able to get several driver and vehicle reports from our system.

Benefits offered by Vehicle Tracking Software:

Cost-effective solution:

Vehicle tracking software can give you better insight into your fleet's activity with accurate, detailed data. From thorough reports on your entire fleet to individual driver scores, you'll able to use the data to monitor your fuel costs better.

Our system can also monitor your vehicles' idle time, and it can calculate more efficient routing, reducing mileage and fuel cost. Employees generally reduce their private use of company vehicles and drive better, knowing that they are tracked.

Live Tracking:

Track your users' live locations with our vehicle tracking map and set an auto-refresh, so you know where your drivers are at all times, helping you plan reactive work more efficiently.

Efficient management of reactive jobs:

When you have a system that allows you to view all of your drivers' locations at once, it is easy for fleet managers to find the nearest vehicles to urgent or emergency jobs that may come in.

Everything in one system:

Eworks Tracking also provides driver behaviour reports for all your drivers, recording data such as mileage, user, and job reports so you can monitor jobs and staff constantly and never miss a thing! Our system allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles closely. It will also alert you of any deactivated device; for example, the system will alert you if one of your drivers unplugs their tracking device. All of these features and reports are included in one efficient system.

If you are looking for an ideal fleet tracking solution, consider Eworks Tracking. Our Vehicle Tracking System sets us apart from the rest of the market as it is fully integrated with our very own Job Management System.
You can try out our software today for a 14-day free trial, or book a demo with our friendly sales team and see how this software can be profitable for your company.