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How a Tracking Solution can Create a Sustainable Future

Learn how to create a sustainable future by using a Tracking Solution with Eworks Tracking.

Eworks Tracking optimizes fleet management for increased productivity and expandability of your business’s fleet. It contributes to the safety of your drivers and vehicles on the road. We have growing concerns about the environment and sustainability. We need to start looking at how telematics and connected vehicles can help fleets reduce their carbon footprint.

Fleet Sustainability

Fleet sustainability covers all actions that are aimed to reduce your fleet’s environmental impacts. We need to start creating successful sustainability initiatives with technology and innovation, implementing laws and public policies to ensure that businesses are monitoring and reducing their carbon footprint. Perhaps governments will look at economic and financial incentives for businesses that use electric vehicles (EV’s) rather than fuel.

So, how can a tracking solution start a sustainable future for fleet management?

Getting started with sustainable telematics

Eworks Tracking provides telematics solutions that support fleet sustainability, including:

  • Efficient Route Planning for delivery and field service vehicles, reducing unnecessary driving.
  • Driver Scores that keep track of driver behaviours, such as speeding and harsh braking.
  • Fuel management reports to reduce idling and improve fuel efficiency.

These features enable your fleet to keep vehicles moving efficiently and avoid unnecessary driving and fuel consumption. The majority of costs of operating a fleet of vehicles are associated with fuel, tires, repairs and maintenance.

Route planning can positively impact all these costs, by optimizing vehicle usage and preventing unproductive driving. The Driver Scores feature encourages good driving behaviour and fuel efficiency. Reports keep fleet management updated with the status of all the vehicles and their maintenance history.

Urgent need for sustainability

Sustainability has become a major consideration for governments and large companies, which will eventually change the shape of many industries, including the transportation industry. At the heart of this trend is an increasing global recognition that we need to reduce emissions. Introducing the Eworks Tracking solution to your business can help your fleet adopt sustainable driving and reducing the environmental impact of your service or trade business.

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